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Things You Should Know About Tree Removal
The Ideal Time to Remove a Tree
It can be fairly difficult to determine when to have a tree removed. Tree removal is a decision that must be made carefully. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding the best time to remove a tree. If in doubt, contact your local tree removal experts.

The Health of the Tree
Even trees don’t live forever and many of them suffer damage due to weather conditions or other occurrences, whether natural or caused by man. Any tree, that is at least half damaged, is one that needs to be removed. If there is less than 50 percent damage, it is not so critical to move it. However, if there is, removing it quickly is the best way to ensure that the tree does not fall over and seriously injure or kill someone. The exception to this rule is that if a tree is damaged due to herbicides that are something that will likely dissipate, making it possible to keep the tree where it is.
The Condition of the Trunk
Every tree is anchored by its trunk and one, that has a trunk in bad condition, should also be removed. This rings true even if the rest of the tree appears to be fine. If the damage to a tree’s trunk is no greater than 25 percent, chances are good that it can be saved making it unnecessary to remove it instead. When a tree trunk has stubs where dead branches were, large wounds, vertical cracks or seams, it is also the appropriate time for the tree to be removed.
There are times when the trunk of a tree can become hollow. When this happens, the tree is safe to keep up unless the hollowness of the trunk begins to compromise the tree’s ability to remain stable. In the case, that the trunk is the only part of the tree that is hollow, it can safely remain standing. However, if at least 1/3 of the inside of the tree is hollow, proper tree removal is definitely necessary.
The Ability to Stand
A tree is supposed to stand vertically. Therefore, when it starts to tilt, the tree needs to be removed. If a tree begins to lean to the right or left rather suddenly, it is generally because the roots of the tree have become weakened and are starting to break, in which case removing it is obligatory. When a tree is leaning at a 15 percent angle or more, it really should be taken down for safety reasons.
The Location
The area, where a tree is located, can effect whether or not it needs to be removed. One which is located near water or possibly a rock ledge often has a root system that is shallow. In the event, that something near a tree is removed and the tree is quite suddenly exposed to more sunlight than it is accustomed to, it can become severely damaged. For the most part, a tree, that is not removed after this type of sudden exposure, does not typically survive for more than five years afterwards. These are a few of the aspects which should be taken into consideration when deciding to move a tree.
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